Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Mixed Media Memorial Medallion

Date Change!  Wednesday, Oct. 29 6-8. Mixed Media Memorial Medallion with Dusty DeHaven, $25.  Create a lovely memento of a loved one to use as an ornament, embellishment or to use in the upcoming Day of The Dead Personal Shrine class on Saturday, Nov 1!

Bring several photocopied pictures in different sizes, small embellishments that have meaning to you.  The photo above is of my dad.  He loved red roses, was a faithful man and a loving dad.  He was a scholar and a voracious reader - unlocking knowledge!  These small pieces have meaning to me in the shrine I'm making on Nov 1 in memory of my dad.

Zentangle in Color

Tuesday, October 21 6-8, Zentangle in Color with Jane Reiter, $35 More Zentangle fun!

Celebrate Day of the Dead at SmittenDust Studio November 1 & 2, 2014

Dia de los Muertos – Day of the Dead – is a joyful holiday celebrated on November 1st  in Mexico and around the world in many other cultures. It is a time to honor and 2nd and commemorate those who have departed, welcoming them back to the world of the living with food offerings, prayer, lively song, gifts, candles, and flowers (especially marigolds).

You won’t want to miss what SmittenDust has in store to recognize this special time! Join Shirley K. Bentsen and Jane Reiter for fun craft classes, art sale, and craft supplies for purchase, and a delicious potluck brunch to remember our special friends, family, and loved ones who have touched our hearts. Think dancing skeletons, Frida Kahlo, vibrant colors, and happy memories! All skill levels are welcomed!

$30 class fee plus $10 kit fee, payable to Shirley K. Bentsen

Using decorative hand stitchery and simple applique, create a felt skull in the Mexican folk art tradition, sprinkled with sequins and other embellishments. Give each its own delightfully unique personality! Your creation may be finished as a brooch, strung on cording for a one-of-a-kind necklace, used to decorate a fabric tote bag, or placed in a personal shrine (see below)! Please bring a basic sewing kit with embroidery needles, neutral sewing thread, fabric scissors, and fabric glue.


$30 class fee plus $10 kit fee, payable to Jane Reiter

Start with these blank shrines and add personal mementos to add meaning!
Create your own distinctive shrine honoring a special person, place, or pet. Starting with a painted wooden base that is provided, you’ll have loads of fun decorating with items of personal significance, as well as embellishments included in your kit. Students choose one shrine kit from four themed options: Frida Kahlo, Cross, Sugar Skull, or Flaming Heart. Please bring items, photos, or mementoes you wish to incorporate into your shrine, a pair of scissors, glue, and your imagination!

Personalize your shrine with photos of loved ones or whatever you’d like!


Sun. Nov. 2nd, 11:30am-12:30pm

Who are you remembering today? Join us as we celebrate all of the remarkable and extraordinary people in our lives. Please bring pictures or photographs to share if you desire. Bring a dish to pass and enjoy a delicious meal before our afternoon session. If you only wish to participate in lunch, FANTASTIC – see you there!


Team taught by Shirley K. Bentsen and Jane Reiter
$30 class fee plus $10 kit fee, payable to Shirley K. Bentsen (See note below)

These flags are always a crowd pleaser! Make your own fiesta-inspired mini banner with felt, stitchery, and embellishments – each flag is 2” x 3”. When hung in a special place, prayer flags communicate positive thoughts and feelings to the universe. Once embellished, flags are strung on a ribbon or cord for display. Students will complete five flags during class. Please bring a basic sewing kit with embroidery needles, neutral sewing thread, fabric scissors, and fabric glue. If you wish to personalize your mini flag series, also bring small scale memorabilia that has significance to you. These flags are the perfect accompaniment to the “personal shrine” project.

NOTE: Previous students of Shirley’s Prayer Flag classes receive a discounted class fee – $18.00 if you’re a former participant.

DIY Gift Maker Fair

Saturday, November 15, 10 -4 DIY Gift Maker Fair with various teachers.  Choose the projects you want to make and pay as you go!  Spend an hour or a day to make cool gifts for the holidays!  Photos and details to follow!