Monday, August 11, 2014

SmittenDust Studio’s Annual Art/Craft Supply Sale and Flea Market

We know, we know.  We fess up to too many interests, too little time or space.  All those formerly loved (ahem… never opened) art supplies? This is where you can find new owners and earn some cash!

This year we’re also including salvaged treasures, cool finds and unusual doo-dads used for assemblages or mixed media or…so we thought.

Saturday, September 27 from 9 am - 3 pm, buy, sell, trade

SmittenDust Studio’s Art/Craft Supply Sale and Flea Market
257 S. Bridge St., Dimondale, MI

downtown Dimondale on the corner of Bridge and Jefferson
next door to the fabulous ice cream shop!

Interested in having a table to sell your wares?  Contact Dusty at

Art supplies
Craft supplies
Junk jewelry
Cool stuff
Some furniture
Good projects gone bad
And ...No clothes

Open Studio

Thursday, August 14 from 5:30 – 8:30 at SmittenDust Studio
First check out the Dimondale Farmer’s Market and then come on in!
Bring something to work on and get to know some friendly, creative people!

Monday, June 23, 2014

Fabric Art Postcard with Shirley K. Bentsen

See above tab "Upcoming Classes"

Non-sewer, fear not!  Shirley's fabulous Art Postcards are a perfectly lovely way to jump into embellishments, mixed-media, altered art, etc, etc, etc.  Be a part of a Michigan-wide creative community! Class fee $30

  • August 2 from 9:30 - 12:30

Create a one-of-a-kind, mini work of art using fabric, laces, beads, sequins, ribbons, trims, and other embellishments.  You will work in a 4” x 6” postcard-sized format that may be popped in the mail for that special friend or framed for your own personal enjoyment.  Several may be joined together to make a small wall hanging. Stretch your creativity … have lots of fun in the process!  Taught by Shirley Bentsen, the fabric embellishment Queen of Smitten Dust! 

Kit fee $10 (payable day of class)includes instructional handout, project foundation, vintage image printed on poplin, and complimentary fabrics and embellishments needed to complete one project.  Each kit is unique and different.

Supply List:  basic sewing kit, sharp fabric/embroidery scissors, variety of sharp needles, sewing thread, short beading needle/thread, Fray Check, E6000 glue.  This project can be completed by hand – sewing machine optional.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Magdalena Muldoon July 26 - 27, 2014

We are honored to bring our friend, Magdalena Muldoon, to the mitten this summer!  Save the dates of Saturday, July 26 and Sunday, July 27!

Good news! There is only one kit fee!!!  The kit fee of $20 only needs to be purchased one time!  The kit includes 4 basic double tools and small piece of suede that can be used for all classes! Please pay at beginning of class.

Magdalena was born in Mexico City, where her mom founded MercArt, a fine crafts store in 1970.   MercArt Mexico introduced the metals and tools for traditional metal embossing and Magdalena had the opportunity to learn the techniques from the best teachers in Mexico. In 2002 she moved to the US with her husband and 3 daughters and brought her mom’s metal embossing part of the business: “Mercart USA”.

Easy Pewter Zentangle-Inspired-Art Journal Cover
Saturday, July 26 from 9-12 $50
Zentanglers - This class is for you! Try something new and beautiful with those cool skills you’ve learned!

Draw assorted tangles both on the front and the back of pewter and then learn how to give them diverse volume and texture.
Basic concepts of traditional metal embossing techniques will be taught such as: tracing, outlining, refining, and embossing (or making things “puff”), as well as antiquing the metal with a pewter patina, polishing it and adhering it to the cover of a cardboard journal.

All skill levels are welcome!

Easy Metal Embossed Tin Box

Saturday, July 26 from 1-3  $40
Students of all skill levels will wind up with a gorgeous box as they learn how to emboss metal quickly and easily using assorted stencils, color aluminum and patinas.
All the basics of the metal embossing techniques will be taught.  Students can incorporate assorted backgrounds and textures using several metal tools, embossing plates.  Stunning antique and patina effects will be featured, offering a wide variety of gilder’s pastes.
Care of the embossed art to prevent damage, as well as how to adhere it to the tin box, will complete the workshop! All skill levels are welcome!

Cool Pewter Lightswitch Plate
Saturday, July 26 from 3:30 – 6:30 pm $50
Students continue to learn more about metal embossing techniques such as drawing, embossing and refining different types of leaves and flowers. Creating, adding background textures and antiquing the metal with a pewter patina.  Students will create and unique and beautiful lightswitch plate ready to be wall mounted!!  Intermediate skill level preferred.

Perfectly Pewter Shell Box
Sunday, July 27 from 9 – 1 $60*
An intermediate class for those who’ve leaned basic techniques from yesterday’s classes or for more experienced artisans, the Perfectly Pewter Shell Box uses intermediate skills.  A class for those who want to do a more intricate project and improve the use of several techniques: Flat technique, tracing and overlapping.
Students will also learn how to cut the metal in more complex lace type patterns and incorporate the use of real laminated shell.  Intermediate skill level preferred.
*NOTE:  This class has an additional $5 fee for abalone shell.  Fee collected at class.
Elegant Patina-ed Tin Wooden Chest
Sunday, July 27 from 2-5 $60

Possibly the most stunning of all Magdalena’s classes, the elegantly patina-ed tin is gorgeous when adhered to a glossy wooden chest!  Students emboss on colored aluminum to create a beautifully textured design using embossing plates and stencils.

The class builds on skills already learned and includes adding different dimensions and volume to the tin.  Gilder’s pastes will be used to showcase the beautiful art and adhered to the chest.
All skill levels are welcome!

Magdalena has been teaching metal embossing throughout the US, Canada, Japan, Mexico and Argentina. In 2006 she wrote the book “Metal Embossing Workshop” and has been part of the jury in Japan’s National Metal Embossing Competitions.

Her work has been published in several magazines and in “Art Unscripted”, a DVD hosted by Carol Duvall. 
She has taught classes at several artist retreats such as: Art and Soul, Artiscape, and Stampaway USA, as well as in trade shows such as CHA, SDP and GASC.

In 2011 she fell in love with Zentangle ® when she saw the similitudes between that technique and the doodling she had been doing in her metal work for decades. She has been teaching Zentangle Inspired Art ever since and has participated in the “Zentangle 8” and “Beauty of Zentangle” books by Design Originals.
Please email Dusty at for class registration and info.