Class Photos


Birds and Blooms Class!

Happy Harvest Class!

Start with one thing (or things) and make into another!
Rip, tear, cut, then sew, embellish and voila! 
Scarves with Jane Reiter!
 Delaine's warm and fuzzy scarf!
The stylish Pam!
 Rockin' Robin, rockin' her own valentine's style!
Sue's beautiful, warm and ever-so-fashionable, scarf!
Vision Boards with Tricia Headley
The Visioneers!
 Our works in progress!
 Bonnie shares her vision for 2014!Such amazing images!
Debbie's colorful vision!
Rosie's plans for 2014
Wendi's fun and fabulous vision!
I only wish I photographed every single board! 
They are all different, all amazing, all very personal.

2013 Classes
Prayer Flags with Shirley Bentsen
 Shirley has gorgeous materials to work with!
 Erin's flag
 Jane's flag
 Mary's flag
Music flag

Flag of Grace
We want Shirley to teach this embellishment class!
I'm not mentioning any names, but I'm not sure what sort of prayer flag this will be!
<Probably not one for CHURCH!>

Sweet Charlotte Class with Jill Quillinen

We made this gorgeous piece!

Here we are with works in progress!

Ashley, the baby bear of the group, seriously mastered soldering during her first attempt!

Jill is a wonderful teacher, for beginners and more experienced, and even she was amazed at Ashley's grasp of soldering 101!

The fun is in the details!

Jannae's pieces in the works!

Jill shows and tells how to do the tricky parts.  Linda and her mom shared alot of laughter!

The Sweet Charlotte's were all so different and pretty!

The finished piece.


  1. I can"t wait to get back & play! Wonderful creative beauty ladies!

  2. I would love to take that embellishment class by Shirley! ~H♥~

  3. Such wonderful classes! I love being a student at SmittenDust!!