Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Take Time for Yourself

2015 has been quite the year.  Even in September I felt like I'd put in a full year's worth (or more) of "events" and life changes.

December (2014) through mid-June, we unexpectedly got an exchange student from Italy, Kati, with whom we fell in love and sadly had to return to her parents and homeland. We hope and trust she will always be part of our family, and look forward to future visits both here and there.

In January, we enjoyed dog sitting Jasper, with whom we fell in love and also had to give back. In January, Mom, the most loving and positive human alive, came to stay with us.  

In May, daughter Rose and Kati graduated from high school and that included not only Pomp and Circumstance, but parties, parents and packing.
Just in case boredom were to set in, we listed our house - which sold in a day- and created mondo stress due, in part, to moving in to mom's house to help take care of her. Mom, child of the depression, has STUFF. Mom kept calling us "Empty Nesters," somehow missing her part of the equation!

Rose returned "home" from a summer of being a camp counselor only to pack up and head out, with her dad, to the 100+ degree temperatures of Tucson for college at the University of Arizona.

And I really wanted a puppy.  

And some time to create.  

And to keep my bosses happy at my full time job in organ and tissue donation.

Now, I am going to take off a little bit of time so I can rejuvenate, rebuild, replenish. Find my joy.  

I promise the next time you hear from me, there will be some cool offerings to pique your interest.

Until then, take some time for yourself.



  1. Dusty, I love this post because it talks of you and what you've been up to -- which is a huge, whole LOT! I don't know how you've survived such a stressful and busy year but I know you have managed in great good form.

    You're in the hood now, aren't you? Email me and we'll figure out a time for you to come over and we'll munch Christmas cookies, sip wine and catch up.

    And here's to 2016. I sure would like time to slow down a little! Merry and Happy.

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