Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Jacqueline Sullivan is Back!

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Acrylic Meets Fiber Workshop 
Jacqueline Sullivan

Jacqueline's classes are a favorite for many students.  She has a huge following in Michigan and you'll know why after taking one of her classes!  She teaches magic in art and this single class incorporates all sorts of it!  Check this out:

In this class Jacqueline Sullivan uses her treasure box of acrylic techniques as surface design on fabric. Students will learn to use Gesso, Molding Paste, Tissue and more on a fabric ground to build layers and textures. The texture developed with these tools will then be highlighted with metallic media. 
Finished products make great Art Quilts, Table Runners, and embellishments on other handmade items

Each student will receive a set of instructive handouts and color photos for the various techniques that are covered in this workshop.

Media: acrylics and fabric

Course Fee: $115 per student (kit fee included)

Supply List: [students are responsible to bring to workshop]
Several [at least 8] 10” x 10"(approx. size) squares of white muslin, canvas fabric, duck or similar fabric; fabric should be pre-cut and can be white or off white
Paint brush - 1" that is good for acrylics
Water Container – 16 to 32oz size
Spray bottle
Any fluid acrylics or high flow acrylics that you may want to use - many will be provided but you may want your own colors
Apron suggested
Paper Towels
Notebook + pen for taking notes

Please reserve your space early as Jacqueline's classes fill up. 

Email dehavendesign@gmail.com for registration and payment info.

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