Sunday, January 6, 2013

Go Legit: A Road Map for Making a Legitimate Business

Let’s get down to business!  The real, legal part of business that some of us, ahem, may have put off.  What’s so creative about business taxes or getting a permit?  (Wait, I needed a permit???)

Join Cathy Adcock, CPA, MPA as the tour guide to set up your creative business legally with what you need to know for record keeping, paying taxes, obtaining licenses, forming the business.

You’ve decided that there is a market for what you create and need a road map for making it a legitimate business.  This class will help you chart your course!

ü  Select and Register a Business Name
ü  Choose a Legal Structure for Your Business
ü  Consider if You Need Licenses or Permits
ü  Register for Business Taxes
ü  Prepare Yourself Financially
ü  Hire Employees (or Not)
ü  Get Professional Assistance and Utilize the Network of Resources

Put your new creative business on the path to legitimacy by being purposeful and organized.  Let’s get started by taking your creative passion to the next level!

DATE:  Tuesday, January 15, 7:00 -9:00 pm , $20

REGISTRATION & Q’s: Send an email to Dusty DeHaven at or go to for additional information.

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