Monday, May 6, 2013

What a wonderful world!

 Jen Crossley, Kari McKnight Holbrook, and Dusty DeHaven
at SmittenDust Studio, May 3-5, 2013

Spiffing up the place before our guests arrive
Yarn bombing!

                   It's all in the details, eh?
Deb dreaming up something cool!
 Chris and Linda working on their project!

  We made these.  Yes we did!
 Linda, Chris, Kate, Jane, Tracy, Deb, Amy and Jen teaching

The ladies take a break
Deb, Jen, Kari, Kate, Jane, Tracy
Pam and Sue enjoying the beautiful day

Jane and Kate

Debra and Amy cracking up at that
crazy Aussie artist, Jen!

Smiling Chris

The ladies have dinner at Mike's Village Restaurant in Dimondale!

Up one side: Jane, Sue, Deb, Cheryl, Amy, Cecile and Tim
Down the other: Linda, Shirley, Wendi, Kari, Shari, Reagan, Jen and Rosie

 Rosie and Jen

"Dusty Mittens"
and the "Aussiesom" Jen
planning her next adventure
to mid-mitten!

 Jen's cool stamp etched on metal

Works in progress...

A student's stash

Jen teaching Little Bag with Cecile, Cheryl, Linda, Deb, Amy...

Jane, Reagan and Shari
join the crew

 Deb's Little Bag

Jane's Little Bag

 This woman is a sweetheart.

Kari working with and teaching
Sculpey techniques

It's all in the hands - and good quality products

Girl time!

Kari's Moodlings are so cute!  

Debra working on her own alphabet design

 Sue and Robin
 Reagan and Auntie Jen
Dusty and Shari making plans for summer/fall

We mustache you a question! 
Did you have a good time???!! 
We did and hope you did too!

Please email me your photos if I
may post them on my blog!

Tim Makinen and Dusty DeHaven
thank you for supporting art at
SmittenDust Studio!

And to the ice cream shop for being next door.


  1. Thank you Dusty!!! Had a blast with Jen Crossley this weekend. Can't wait for her to come back to the mitten again...

  2. I was in Friday's classes and they were wonderful. Thanks so much for hosting.

  3. I would say a good time was had by all (at least Sunday, and from the looks of it, before!). What a privilege to have these women here and a spot like SmittenDust so we can all play, learn and build friendships! Can't wait for more!

  4. It was THE BEST weekend ever!!

  5. What a amazing weekend Dusty I had an amazing time,lots of laughs and great memories.Your an amazing person Dusty I wish you every success with Smitten Dust Studio.

  6. Thanks for telling me about this Jen, it looks like loads of fun was had by all! Riki