Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Kristen Robinson Classes!

I am so excited!  Prior to her classes at CREATE Chicago, Kristen Robinson is teaching four days of classes at SmittenDust Studio!  I adore her beautiful work and sweet personality!  

Mark your calendar from Friday, August 16 through Monday, August 19!   

Thank you for supporting nationally-recognized artists teaching at local events!

Please know there is LIMITED SEATING. These classes will fill up quickly, so please email Dusty (that's me) at and let me know which classes you are interested in ASAP!  I'll give you payment details in a reply email. 
Remember, there are only class fees, no additional kit fees!

Friday, August  16 from 9 - 4  
~Secret Journey Fabric Journal ~ $120

Begin your secret journey by creating a journal meant to not only inspire you but also encourage you to explore within. The Secret Journey journal is composed of layers of fabric both new and upcycled. 
Students are encouraged to look through their closets seeking items of clothing perhaps no longer worn but still loved. Think wool sweaters, quilts that have been cast off, table cloths, towels, really anything that speaks to you. We will not only be sewing our pieces together but adding page after page of both paper & fabric.

To finish we will create a resin charm & add embroidery stitches. Kristen will be providing you with neutral colored felt, muslin and various trims to include within your book however please be sure to bring a variety of fabric you would like to work with.

Kit Includes
2 Yards of Fabric Including Silk, Felt, Muslin, Cotton and Linen
Watercolor paper
ICE Resin®
Rue Romantique Bezel

Students Should Bring: Scissors or cutting tool and mat, fabric in your chosen color scheme, 2 Yards of Ribbon in chosen color scheme, embroidery floss to match, Journaling Pen (I prefer Stablio Fine)

Friday, August 16 from 6-9 
~ Adorned Relics ~ $75
We all need a wee bit of subtle glamour nestled within the bounty of our treasure boxes, treasures embedded in faux mercury glass are just the thing. Gorgeous layers of luscious silver surround an embedded object in each of the four pieces we will be creating in class. The piece then sits upon delicate filigree that enhances the depth of the centerpiece while embedded rhinestones surround the unique pendant.

Kit Includes
ICE Resin®
3 Silver Bezels to Each Student
1 Filigree
Religious Medal
Silver Charm

Students Should Bring: Items you wish to place into the faux mercury glass such as rhinestone jewelry, findings, etched metal, coins, and buttons. Please do not bring anything plastic as it will melt.

Optional: Kitchen Torch 

Saturday, August 17 from  9-4 
~ Glamour and Grunge Etched and Soldered Cuffs ~ $125
Join Kristen on a journey that truly is an alchemists dream. Together we will complete two brass cuffs that are composed not only of amazing etched imagery but a resin charm and various baubles. In class I will be guiding you through my no fail etching process that consistently produces deep and beautiful etchings; we will also be filling bezels with imagery and resin that creates not only a bit of beauty but a tale all on it s own. You will leave our time together with not only an arsenal of information but also two very personal pieces of jewelry that you are sure to cherish!

Students Should Bring: Personal Charms you wish to incorporate into your pieces (3-4 per piece), Beads of choice 4-6mm in size, 1 Yard Silk Ribbon, Scissors, Toothbrush (this will be disposed of at the end of class), Rubber Stamps (the deeper etched the image the better)

Kit Includes
2 Rue Romantique Bezels
Rhinestone Chain
ICE Resin®
Printed Transparency

Optional: Kitchen Torch 

Sunday, August 18 from 10-3 
~ House Full of Grace ~ $100
Wooden houses are transformed from the ordinary to the extraordinary. Sacred hearts created from paper clay act as the centerpiece to these delightful narratives. Students will create three houses composed of layers of paint, shading, wax, resin, text, found objects and buttons. One house will have a scared heart as the centerpiece while the other two will be created from molds of objects students bring with them to class. Each house will truly be an individual narrative.

Kit Includes
3 Wooden Houses
One Sacred Heart (already dry to work with)
Neutral Paint
Foam Brushes
Vintage Sheet Music
ICE Resin®
Metal Stamping

Students Should Bring: Found Objects to make molds with (no larger than 2x2 for the largest house).
Optional Items: Paper, fabric, jewelry parts, anything you wish to incorporate into your houses, Acrylic Paint to coordinate with your desired palette (neutral colors will be provided), Scissors, paint brushes, container for water to rinse brush. Silicone Craft Sheet

Monday, August 19 from10 - 4 
~ Romancing the Quilt ~$125
Quilting is perhaps one of the most amazing arts. Kristen has kicked things up a bit with this wonderful mixed media quilt that is composed of fabric, paper, thread, paint and embellishments. What starts as three separate segments comes together to create a visual masterpiece, one in which your words and feelings bound from. By layering different textures and colors, adding a wee bit of free motion stitching as well as hand embroidery your piece is sure to not only pop but to tell a story.

Kit Includes
Fabric Swatches
Red and White Ticking
Sheet Music

Students Should Bring: 3 Pieces of Printed 12x12 Cardstock Preferably in the same color scheme, Coordinating Fabric Swatches Preferably 3-4 different prints, Ribbon, Text, Acrylic Paint (to match your palette), Coordinating Thread, Embroidery Floss, Metal Embellishments, Buttons, Paint Brushes or Foam Brushes, Fabric Glue, Embroidery Needles, Scissors, Paper Trimmer. 
Optional Items: Crystals, Beads, Jewelry anything you wish to add

We have some cool things planned during Kristen's visit!
But first, let's meet our basic needs! 

FOOD: Lunch will be delivered for $5 per day from one of the local establishments.  Please let me know if you would like to include lunch in your fees and if you have any special food requirements.  Snacks and drinks will be available at no charge.

LODGING: Comfort Inn and Suites, 9742 Woodlane Dr., Dimondale, MI There is a special hotel room rate of $90, and includes 2 double beds, full breakfast, WIFI, plus it's only 3 miles away from SmittenDust Studio!  Call 517-345-6101 and ask for the SmittenDust Art Workshops rate!

SATURDAY EVENING: Let's plan a group dinner at the local diner, Mike's Village Restaurant after class! <Hey, it's a small and adorable town!> The cost is approximately $10, depending on what you order.  It's so fun to relax, hang out and chat with everyone and get to know each other and Kristen a little better!  

BOOK AND DVD SIGNING:  I don't know about you, but I consider reading a basic need!  Kristen has so graciously offered to do a book /DVD signing at SmittenDust Studio on Saturday evening after dinner.  This is open to everyone!  Let's break out a little champagne and chocolate and hang out!

SHOPPING: Basic need - DUH! Kristen is bringing the goods.  No kidding, this will be fabulous!  There will be some open shopping times BEFORE and AFTER classes to meet your needs!  More on this later!

Interested?  Please email Dusty at with your class list.  


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    I know I'll sign up for Sunday. Maybe more -- I'll let you know asap!

  2. Wish I could be there Kristen work is beautiful

  3. Hi Dusty! Kristen's projects look fabulous. What a treat to have her teach at your wonderful studio!