Saturday, August 24, 2013

Thanks to all for supporting a local venue!

Thank you to all who helped support a local venue,
SmittenDust Studio,
 to bring in a national artist! 
Kristen Robinson loves Pure Michigan and Lord Huron 
and is planning to come back in 2014!
Woot!!! (and it was a BLAST!)
 This is the Secret Journey Fabric Journal Class!
 Amy's luscious fabrics!
 Vintage hankies and doilies in lavender
 Joanne's journal using lots of cool materials and techniques.

 Linda's Poe-inspired journal is amazing!
 Linda and Sue
Ladies who lunch - Shirley, Kristen, MaryJo
NEXT UP: Adorned Relics
Stunning finished pieces by Rhea!

 Love the Braille charm that reads "Forever" and the Winged Victory piece from Wendi!
Saturday featured Glamour and Grunge Etched and Soldered Cuffs
 I love these cuffs so much, I don't want to take them off!!!
Joanne's cuffs
 Do notice the tiaras the girls wearing as they work the grunge part of this workshop!
Sue, Kristen, Effie, Cecile and Joanne
 Cecile, Sue, Barb (in deep concentration!) and Joanne (what is she up to?!)
 Cecile did the hefty grunge work for us!  Thanks Cecile!
The little cutie-pie, glamour and grunge girl herself - Kristen!
And after dinner at Mike's Village Restaurant,
it was back to SmittenDust Studio for book and DVD signings and
"Champagne and Cupcakes"
Note to self: get champagne glasses
Sunday was the full of fun mold-makings and the lovely class,
House Full of Grace
Jeanie's houses
 Auditioning pieces for the house
 This is Jane's house?
And now for something completely different:  Mold Making!
 We could have done this all day long!
 Nothing was safe from us!
 At work
 Joanne's molds
 Paper clay
Jane showing her paisley!
Monday: Romancing the Quilt
 Joanne's finished work!
 Jane's gorgeous peacock inspired quilt
Linda designing her quilt!
The gorgeous finished piece!

 Dusty likes paint.  OK?!
 Shirley's quilt!

Any more photos out there?  Please send to me!


  1. Great post and an AMAZING time. Seriously good times girl, kudos to you! Cheers!

    1. Thank you Rhea! It was so much fun, I learned so much and I laughed so hard! Can't wait to do it again!

  2. Such great photos of such a good time! It was a pleasure to relive last week-end through your post.

    1. Thank you Joanne! It was so much fun to be with you! We sure made some cool stuff,eh?!

  3. Love this! We had a blast and seeing the whole post makes me wish that I could have been there all the other days. Kristen was great and what fun! Loved it.

    1. Jeanie, thank you! Kristen is a joy to take classes with and a lovely person too! She promises she's coming back...

  4. The pictures are great. Really enjoyed our class. Love your Smitten cuff and the Poe journal. The mold making class looked like all kinds of fun.

    1. Thank you and Darla for coming to the class!