Tuesday, March 4, 2014


Tuesday, April 8 from 6-8 Intro to Zentangle® with Jane Reiter
Explore the fundamentals of a peaceful, meditative drawing approach with black pen on white paper.  We will learn a few tangles as this is a wonderful session for those who believe that they cannot draw! Class fee $35, kit fee $8 (kit fee is collected at beginning of class)
Pre-registration required at smittendust.blogspot.com please specify as to which date you are registering. Other dates for this class are May 6, June 3, July 1.

Saturday, April 12 from 10-12  Get to Know Your Sewing Machine with Carol Schon  
Carol explains the mystery of the sewing machine!  Questions such as, "Why does my sewing machine have all these feet?"  and "How do I thread this bobbin?" and "Is this supposed to do that?!"

Bring your sewing machine, attachments, manual (if you have it) and any other "mystery parts" and Carol will explain, teach, sample and give confidence to the newbies among us! $25

Saturday, April 12 from 1-4 Apron Class with Carol Schon 
or “Is this pattern written in English?”
Now that we know how to use our sewing machines, let’s break out an easy-peasy pattern and make an apron!  How hard can it be, right?  The directions are right here!!!  Carol translates for us.
Bring your sewing machine, an apron pattern of your choice and appropriate amount of fabric, thread and embellishments. Carol will explain, teach and give confidence to the newbies as we break out into the new frontier of reading patterns! $25

Tuesday, April 22 from 6 - 8:30 Eyes and Ideas on Earth Day with Jane Reiter

Consider, ponder, and reflect on creativity prompts to help jump out of the familiar creativity rut.  This class is a combination of hands-on drawing exercises, thinking prompts, discussion, and inspirational quotes. 

Use constructive ideas and simple resources to get your creative juices flowing again.  This session is a brainstorming session which will refresh your approach to art making and crafting. Light up those inventive bulbs in your brain once more and shine with spirit!

Participants receive a Re-Inspiration Kit to use in take home and use further.  Take five minutes, an hour or an afternoon to recharge and restart. $35 All supplies included.  Bring an open mind!

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