Tuesday, October 14, 2014

True Confessions

Blogging is not an intuitive sport for me.  I like words, I like to make stuff. I like to take pictures.  What’s the problemo?

(See?  Something I made AND photographed! LOL!)

So please forgive me as I have waded through these bloggy waters, confusing not only you, but myself.  I’ve finally realized the KISS method works here: Keep it simple, silly.

The HOME page will now include quick hits of interest to our creative community.
The UPCOMING CLASSES tab at the top will be about … duh…
Also along the tab line or PAGES (as it’s known in Blogspot lingo), will be special events coming up.

After Kari and Jen are here, (this weekend -YAY!!! ) the NEXT BIG THING is the Dia De Los Muertos or Day of the Dead weekend of November 1& 2 with Shirley K. Bentsen and Jane Reiter.  (I can already hear the laughter!) Please check out the tab "Day of the Dead" above.

Seriously though, I love the beauty and honor of this event.  Personally, I’ve worked in end-of-life care for nearly 15 years.  I wish we had something like Day of the Dead every year (and I’m not talking about Halloween).  Check out these events.  Come for the fiesta on Sunday, be a part of our creative community!

For info, please contact Dusty at dehavendesign@gmail.com 

PS Thanks for putting up with my blog learning curve! 


  1. Love it, Dusty! Sure wish I was going to be around to see Kari this weekend -- it'll be a blast. Hope I'll be around for DOD but not sure yet. No matter what, it'll be great!

  2. Even though I come rarely, I always love to see what you're offering. I'm really looking forward to my class on Friday.