Friday, January 2, 2015

Creative Jumpstart 2015!

For someone like me who struggles with the gray days of winter, I look forward to January.  Ok, it's not just because of the new seasons of Downton Abbey and The Bachelor (who’s with me?!?!  Anyone?) But because...

I love what Nat Kalbach puts together in her annual Creative Jumpstart!
For $25 and twenty-five days in January, you get a "one-of-a-kind community event to jumpstart your creativity!"  Twenty-three mixed media artists/crafters share ideas, skills, techniques and fun!  

I highly recommend!!!

From Nathalie's blog: 

"I am a self-taught mixed media artist, born in Germany and currently living in Jersey City, NJ.

For the last decade I have been exploring the possibilities of creating dimension and texture by layering different materials and paint media. I have worked in art journals and on canvas, incorporating collage and found objects." Love her!

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